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Brazil Leather Jacket Hoodie

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Brazil Leather Jacket Hoodie

Size (Please check the Sizing Table):


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This is the *Highest Quality Handmade Jacket* You?ve Ever Seen:

  • ULTRA-SOFT LINING?- Just rub your hand on the inside, and feel the incredibly soft, thick lining that?ll make you want to wear it every single cold day!
  • SUPER SPACIOUS POCKETS -?Fits all your daily carries, and keeps them safe. Not only can you fit your phone, earbuds, keys and your wallet safe; you can fit all that and still keep your hands warm inside!
  • FULL HEAD PROTECTION?- Fleece-lined all along the inside of the hood, meaning that your entire head is protected from icy winter wind and freezing temperatures!
  • TOP-SHELF METAL ZIPPER -?Fully reinforced to secure your jacket and keep the cold out, while keeping intact and moving smoothly even in the harshest cold!
  • HANDMADE BY EXPERT CRAFTSMEN?- Every single stitch and every single thread used in constructing this incredible jackets?are inspected carefully; using only the finest materials!
  • PERFECT BLEND OF SOFTNESS AND QUALITY -?The best ratio for a jacket like this is 65% cotton and 35% polyester; with lining soft as a feather to the touch, while keeping you warm and insulated on the inside!