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Oh yeah!

WHAT I wanted to say, loud and clear! Nice heavy weight shirt! I'll be wearing it a LONG time!


Hello guys did order over 3 weeks ago it was charged at my visa Banamez to be delivered to my adress in Mexico and so far nothing.
My phone number in Mexico 529982581765

my husband purchased for me the quilt Im a child of the king and one t shirt . both times i was having a rough day. he reminded me who i am in Christ and to fight back. i love both items they are good quality material. The shirt is really confortable.

Can you get this in women's size

82nd airborne division Limited edition 3D Full Printing

Great tee with awesome graphics

True to size, good quality shirt; I ordered a size larger thinking it would shrink, it didn’t. The detail and colors on the graphics were amazing and vivid. Seamless ordering and on time delivery. Would definitely recommend.

Great t shirt, love it also great service.


I like them.

Many, many compliments for this shirt. I enjoy the feel n fit. Thank You.

Ex-navy seal

You will love these shirts they speak the truth

Smiles on sayings..

I love your shirts. I like the sayings on them. I don't see how you can do any better...


Excellent quality shirt. It sends a message!

Great shirt

Strong feelings from friends. They, like me, believe that it's important to stand for what you believe.

Love these shirts

It is amazing the inspiration these shirts provide me and those who get to read them. I am also glad you found a way to recover since most shirts are printed on the front side. It doesn't matter to me. Thank you for merchandise

Great quality

I like the feel and look of the tshirt only thing is I'd like to see more with print in front . a lot of t´s have design in back. But still like my 👕

I would rather stand with God T-Shirt

Better than expected

Great quality, very good fitting

Tee shirt review

If you where to change the name from Greece to Hellas you will sell out in a week I guarantee you

Stand for the Flag Knight Templar T-Shirt

Great shirt

I'm a 73 year old Vietnam veteran. Most of my friends are Vietnam veterans.
We all feel this shirt fits us perfectly.

Good Stuff

I was very pleased with the quality of the Hoodie.

I just bought shoes with the Portuguese flag

I gave you the wrong email I’m giving you the right one now

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